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How to Mine Electroneum with Your Mobile using Electroneum Mining App Mobile Miner (Android/iOS) - Win $150 in Dogecoins every hour - Win $200 in Bitcoins every hour

Learn How to Mine Electroneum with Mobile Phone using Android/iOS Electroneum Mining App! You can easily generate 500-750 ETN coins per month from Official Electroneum App Miner ( in a non-heating background app running mode. Find Electroneum Price, ICO, Offline/Online Wallet, Mining Pools, Mining Calculator, Exchanges, Reviews, Bitcointalk, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, CoinMarketCap along with ETN coin price prediction 2018, 2019 & 2020.

Electroneum can be mined with a computer as well as it can easily mine with a mobile phone too with Mobile Miner Official App, launched by Electroneum itself.  In this article, we’ll explain you about how you can mine Electroneum with your Smartphone and can easily generate 500-750 ETN coins in a month or, you can mine even more. Although you won’t be getting multi-millionaire by Mining Electroneum with Mobile by using a small amount of CPU/RAM power in a non-heating background mode, it’s still a very good way to earn healthy amount during the market trend is on Bullish way. As per the genuine sources, Electroneum can touch the $1 mark till the end of 2018 and near about $2 in the end of 2019.

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About Electroneum: Electroneum is a first mobile based cryptocurrency. It’s an exciting new cryptocurrency designed for mass adoption by being based around a mobile app. With the Bitcoin trading been already reached to its extent of stagnation, the cryptocurrency galaxy is experiencing the genesis of a myriad of digital currency coins. Considering the newbies of this segment, Electroneum happens to be the most trailblazing one, being the first British cryptocurrency which, was launched via an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) on 14 Sep, 2017. Official App Miner - Mobile Cryptocurrency Official App Miner – Mobile Cryptocurrency

ETN App features:

  • Secure and private
  • Designed for mass adoption
  • App based mobile mining
  • Signed agreements with global mobile networks
  • Provide a digital payment solution to the developing world

Electroneum ICO – Breaking the Stereotype

Within the first few weeks of its ICO Launch, Electroneum reached the towering position with $40 million cap. Around 30000 people created an account and 120000 people literally bought the coins. It broke the thriving crypto records by closing with around 22000 coins being sold out during the ICO phase.

Developed with the perspective of catering the online gambling and mobile gaming markets initially, it was throned as the most accessible crypto in the world later with the feature of coin mining and wallet management inculcated in a single mobile app. A host of algorithms consist the world of cryptocurrency mining; where Electroneum is based on Cryptonight. This is referred to an algorithm which, is being optimized for CPUs, thereby making the next bit of information as a big deal.

Bitcoins and Altcoins have been the most propitious options in terms of cryptocurrency. However, we were always in the ambush for that one groundbreaking cryptocurrency, which can bring maximum accessibility to users with mobile synchronization. With the launch of the Mobile Miner app, Electroneum successfully introduced the easiest way of crypto trading for smartphone owners. All you need to do is visit the website and download the app for free. This Electroneum mining app is signified as one of the massive steps in leading towards increased mindshare and worldwide adoption.

How Electroneum Mining Works

The coins being traded in Electroneum mining are somewhat different from the coins being emitted by blockchains as a part of blockchain reward. The Blockchain miners are of pivotal importance for Electroneum, however, full-fledged mining becomes too complex for average users. Noticeably, the mobile miner is being referred to a unique algorithm which, rewards the users with ETN mining, while charging no extra cost. ETN coins can be mined simply by using a smartphone and doing so, helped it to emerge as a groundbreaker since, mining was mostly being done by deploying a conventional CPU or GPU. The Electroneum algorithm allows the users to utilize the smartphone efficiently without much of its battery power getting drained or slowing it down.

For the existing users, trading via the conventional mining method can be still facilitated by using the windows direct miner.

ETN Mobile Mining Experience

To begin with, the method of electroneum mining by using a phone will certainly be different from computer mining as the entire process facilitates a simulation of mining. Instead of using the phone’s CPU for solving complicated cryptographic issues (which is done in the course of real mining), this application will constantly tracks or controls the available CPU power of your phone. This helps in determining the extent of CPU power which, could have been deployed for mining, if the phone was being actually mining.

The phone is then being issued with a hash rate, on the basis of its accessible CPU power. The ETN coins get automatically credited to the online wallet on the basis of hash rate. The app can be used for managing your online Electroneum wallet, sending or receiving ETN and viewing live ETN exchange rates.

Adding to its efficiency, you will be able to play a mining game for increasing the number of received coins. The game has been designed for helping people to learn more about mining and motivate them for setting up their full miners and mine more amount of coins.

How to Get Started with Electroneum Mobile Mining with Official Electroneum App

Following here is the process of initiating the electroneum mining and trading via apps discussed.

  • Download the app in your device and sign up an account on the company’s website.
  • Android users can download it through Google Play Store (Link) and iOS users can directly go to Official website of Electroneum (Link) to download it.
  • Log into the application by using your own credentials and re-confirm through your registered email account for better security.
  • Next, After clicking on the confirmation link, set your 5 digit number code (PIN Code), which you should remember each and every time, when you open ETN App to mine coins. (Better, you note down your PIN code to the some known working places; easy to remember for you, when you forget)

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  • No sign-in required again and again, Just put your 5 digit PIN code and you can easily enter into the mobile miner app.
  • Click on the Miner tab located at the bottom of the page and click on the Start Mining button.
  • Your wallet is ready to store the coins and your miner is ready to mine the coins. When you generate 10 ETN, which is the current payout amount, it will automatically transferred into your wallet. Pretty Simple!
  • Put Referral Code 23A5DF to enjoy extra ETN as a 1.00% bonus. In short, People that use the code 23A5DF will receive a 1.00% bonus on everything they mine themselves.
  • Hence, You can easily generate 500-750 ETN coins per month by running the ETN App in the background mode depending upon RAM of your Smartphone. We guarantee that your phone won’t heat at all! And, you can run whatever apps you want during your background mining. In short, Your CPU/RAM won’t stuck or hang during the ETN mining process.
  • You can use different mobile phones to mine ETN more than 1000 a month with different Email accounts. Or, you can use App Cloner, Parallel Space or similar apps to duplicate your ETN app and run in a single mobile phone by using different Email accounts. You can easily make up to 10 accounts. So, Now you can think that How much ETN you can make a month!


  • Added wallet notifications for mobile miner payments
  • Device authorisation improvements
  • PIN / Login improvements
  • Referral improvements
  • Style improvements
  • Security enhancements

Doing this simple thing can get you started. The mobile mining app will help you view the hash rate (the mining speed of the device) and pending balance (number of coins being mined), thereby enabling you to keep a full-fledged track of your trading details.

ETN Mobile Miner – Some Terms which you should know before start mining!

  • Miner Status: The ‘miner status’ is the current state of the mobile miner. It has two types of stats. First is Active, means that the miner is currently running and gradually earning you ETN. Second is Offline, means that the miner is currently not running and you are not earning ETN.


  • Hash Rate: Your ‘Hash Rate’ is the calculated speed at which your device could complete operations in the Electroneum code. The higher the hash rate the quicker you will mine Electroneum.
Electroneum Mining - ETN Mobile Miner
Electroneum Mining – ETN Mobile Miner
  • Pending Balance: Your pending balance is where the Electroneum you mine via the app goes before going into your wallet. It goes into here first to reduce blockchain transactions. Once you reach the payout amount listed as 10 ETN, it will be transferred into your wallet.


  • Active Miners: The number of active miners represent the total number of people mining currently via the mobile app. This does not include any desktop miners. The total number updates at regular intervals.


  • Wallet: It represents your available balance of mined ETN coins with the facilities to SEND and RECEIVE to any listed Exchange or Personal Wallet for trading or Cash Out purpose. It also the shows the transactions in the TxHash form for Received – Mobile Miner as Sent details.

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Electroneum Wallet - ETN Coin Mobile Wallet
Electroneum Wallet – ETN Coin Mobile Wallet
  • Value: It represents the Electroneum Price in terms of US Dollar or any other currency. As Example 1 ETN = 0.02014 USD Or, 1 ETN = 1.36602 INR. Value Tab shows 3 of the options. First is STATS, where you will be able to check the current ETN Rank, Volume (24H), Circulation (Coin Supply), Market Cap, 1H % Change, 24H % Change & 7D % Change in Price Range. Second option is Electroneum Mining CALCULATOR, where you will able to check your current mined ETN coins value in the terms of USD or any other currency, which you prefer. Last important option is EXCHANGES, here you can check the Cryptocurrency Exchanges who listed the Electroneum coin to Trade.


  • Earn Free Coins Referral Program: It includes the referral programme to earn Earn free extra ETN by introducing people to the App. It also shows; Total referrals and Referral earnings. More you can read in the App.

Other Ways to Mine Electroneum from Android and iOS

Mining Electroneum on Android

  • Step 1: Download the ‘Universal Crypto Miner for Crypto Coins’ app from the Google Play Store.
  • Step 2: Choose Electroneum in the app.
  • Step 3: Enter the public wallet address.
  • Step 4: Start ETN Mining.

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Mining Electroneum on iOS

  • Step 1: Download ‘Crypto Miner’ from the Apple App Store for Monero XMR.
  • Step 2: Choose Electroneum.
  • Step 3: Enter the public wallet address of Electroneum and start mining.
  • Step 4: Start ETN Mining.

Understanding the Elements of an Electroneum Wallet

Typically, an ETN wallet whether is Offline or Online, is used for storing funds, sending and receiving them by deploying a private key, which can be accessed only by the owner of funds. It comprises of three keys which, are mathematically linked and a brief of the same is hereby stated.

  • The Public Key: Being the most significant one, it is the key which, you need to offer your family, peers and friends who are trying to conduct business transactions. It is used for making deposits to the wallet.
  • The Private View Key: It is used for verifying the number of coins left in the wallet and have not been spent yet. This, in turn, implies that any person with this wallet will be able to check the balance and thus, should be kept secured.
  • The Private Spend Key: This key is used for spending coins from the wallet and having full-fledged control of it. Thus, it should be protected or monitored closely.

These three keys function collectively to form a complete wallet and all the computers of the mining network agree as per balance of the coins linked to them. Thus, anyone with a hold of these keys can claim for the ownership of coins.

Social Platforms to Join for Electroneum Latest News

  • CoinMarketCap: (LINK)
  • Bitcointalk: (LINK)
  • GitHub: (LINK)

Final Note

The crypto wallet has taken a paradigm shift with the onset of Electroneum trading, being the first mobile-driven digital currency. As smartphones have become highly accessible to people all around the world, making use of this potential option can immensely help you to ease the process of managing crypto funds On the Go, thereby making it more approachable for them.


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